Welcome to the NI Buyers Club; a unique opportunity to support the work of Positive Life by changing and saving the lives of people affected by HIV.

The Goal - to make stigma history.

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A recent survey conducted by Positive Life found that:
  • 22% of people would not approve of a person with HIV looking after their child.
  • 29% of people would not approve of a family member dating someone with HIV.
Crippling stigmatising attitudes contribute to higher levels of poor mental health, low confidence, social isolation, and levels of shame and fear that remain unaddressed, and perversely more disabling than the physical condition itself.
It shouldn’t be like this.
As a community, the Buyers Club can help make this right; come and join us, and be a part of something very special

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“The Buyers Club has a single, unified objective and that is to improve the lives and everyday experiences of people living with HIV in Northern Ireland. This is a hugely worthy cause and a unique opportunity to be involved with delivering real change.” Tony Clarke, Director, Clarke & Co.

“The Buyers Club is an opportunity for us to get to the core of an ever-present but often forgotten about issue. I’m excited to be a part of such a cutting-edge approach.” Jim Crawford Smyth, Director, BCD Events

“The Buyers Club represents a bold new initiative to tackle the crippling levels of stigma that still exist in Northern Ireland and combines this with a fundraising drive that aims to build lasting relationships.” Kirsty McManus, Director, IoD Northern Ireland
“I am thrilled to be a member of The Buyers Club and would encourage anyone who wants to affect real change to get involved and save lives.” Gareth Clements, Managing Director, Zenith IT Solutions
“For a long time we as a society have needed to get to grips with stigma and promote a positive and inclusive approach towards HIV. I’m looking forward to playing my part as we break down barriers, raise awareness and move things forward.” Ciaran Moynagh, Solicitor Advocate, Phoenix Law
“Northern Ireland has been in desperate need of fresh ideas for tackling stigma for many years now. The Buyers Club represents a solution delivering projects, services and research to fight the level of prejudice around HIV that is still out there.” Mark Regan, Chief Executive, Kingsbridge Private Hospital
Sandown Dental & Implant Clinic
33-35 Sandown Road, Belfast BT5 6GT

The NI Buyers Club is a two-way street – not only will it reap benefits of our business, that’s the donation of course, and the skills, but it has the added value of making a real contribution to the work of Positive Life and their work for people living with HIV in Northern Ireland. The Club is the perfect opportunity for business to demonstrate it can contribute to supporting people in our communities.

‘We’re delighted to join the NI Buyers Club. It’s a great opportunity for us to share our network to support the work that Positive Life do, and for us to be part of something that makes a real difference in people lives.’

    The Northern Ireland Buyers Club is an exciting and unique new income generation initiative being rolled out by Positive Life with the support of the Dormant Accounts Fund. Launched on World AIDS Day, 1st December, 2021, it is attracting some very special founding Members. If you would like to know more or find out how to become a Member, please complete the short form below and we will be in touch with all the details.