Positive Life exists to raise awareness and challenge negative perceptions of HIV across NI and to promote a positive future for people living with or affected by the condition.

Positive Life has been making a difference to the quality of people’s lives across five decades. Beginning life as the voluntary AIDS Telephone Helpline in 1986 we’ve grown over the years and are proud to offer a range of services and support around Northern Ireland.

Our Vision

To remove HIV-associated stigma in NI.

Our Purpose

To raise awareness and challenge negative perceptions of HIV across NI, and to support and promote positive living for anyone living with or affected by HIV.

Our Values

Inspire - We challenge people to think and act differently.

Knowledgeable - We listen, learn and lead.

Authentic - We engage with people in the right way.

Improve - We do what we do as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Inclusive - We enable and ensure involvement.


Our Ambition for the future is to see a Northern Ireland where HIV attracts no more or less significance than any other serious long-term condition. To achieve this, we will continue our work to remove HIV-associated stigma to ensure that -

  • There is a more positive understanding of HIV
  • There is increased knowledge around safer sexual health choices;
  • There are improved health and well-being outcomes for people living with or affected by HIV.

We will -

  • Work to remove stigma by raising awareness of the impact of HIV
  • Work to educate and challenge the myths that surround HIV
  • Engage with service users to ensure they have a voice in the policy arena
  • Advocate to reduce barriers and eradicate discriminatory practice
  • Respond to peoples support needs in a way that creates independence
  • Seek out partnerships that contribute to our vision


Our Public Affairs Work

At Positive Life one of our strategic aims is to engage with elected representatives from across all parties to lobby on behalf of those living with HIV in Northern Ireland.

We meet with MPs, MLAs, Councillors and Senior Civil Servants on a regular basis to push for greater understanding of this lifelong condition and the associated issues to create a more effective policy environment for the traditionally underrepresented group.

Our recent success has led to HIV and the work of Positive Life being raised at the Northern Ireland Assembly during debates and questions with Positive Life providing background briefing and information directly to our local politicians. Our push to create better understanding is well received at all levels and from each party and there is a growing acknowledgment of the stigma faced by those living with HIV here.

Our awareness raising and dedicated lobbying with politicians and policy makers ensures they are kept informed of –

  • The ever increasing demand for our services;
  • The need to maintain funding for our services;
  • The type and reach of services provided for our service users;
  • Our work to eradicate the stigma often associated with HIV;
  • The need for a Sexual Health Strategy for Northern Ireland;
  • The need for greater emphasis on age appropriate Relationship and Sex Education in Schools.