Sometimes people can be put off from volunteering, maybe because they feel they don’t have enough free time, or they don’t have enough knowledge of HIV, or simply that they have nothing to offer.

EVERYONE has something to offer – be it 15 mins of their time to help raise awareness on social media, 2 hours to host a #HIVAwareness event, or a whole day to dedicate to chatting to students at a Freshers Fair.

Read on for more ideas on how YOU can become an #HIVHero and if you have your own suggestions, even better – get in touch with me directly by email at lea@positivelifeni.com or give me a call, text or WhatsApp on 07427 511 629.

Three Simple Things you can do to volunteer for #PositiveLifeNI

  1. Are you involved with another group or organisation? You could host a two hour long #HIVAwareness session to help us #StopStigma #BustMyths and raise #Awareness of #HIV in #NI
  2. Do you spend half your life scrolling idly through Facebook, Insta, TikTok, Twitter, or even SnapChat? You could become a #SocialMedia #HIVHero
  3. Are you participating in an event or activity, like Dale (one of our existing #HIVHeroes) below that you would us to be involved in? We would love to support you!

@dalewilson1997 is #climbing Pen-y-Fan in #wales in support of @positivelifeni this Saturday 18th June. Click on www.positivelifeni.com/donate to #showsomesupport for this #HIVHero as he goes #runningupthathill #PosifveLifeNi #stopstigma #fyp #foryou #foreveryone #sexualhealth

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