Busy few weeks

It’s been a while and a lot has happened since the last blog.

The move is now complete, Joe has started in his role as +Family Life Project Officer, Positive Now colleagues from Dublin have supported us to begin looking at how we best establish a Positive Peer Project – AND – the GAWA and TBIG got to the final 16 in the Euros!

So things are busy, and a life affected by HIV continues to throw up questions and challenges.  During a recent conversation I heard that following a bereavement, a family learned of their loved ones HIV status when it was included on the death certificate, even though it wasn’t the primary cause.

While it’s not the most cheerful of topics, it’s something that you may want to think about.  As you will know, a death certificate is needed by the executor or administrator when sorting out a deceased person’s affairs but did you know that a short form of death certificate is available and it won’t show the cause of death. Short copies can be purchased from the Registrar at the time of registration is suitable for administrative procedures where the cause of death does not need to be revealed, e.g. in settling accounts with utility companies.

If you need more information get in touch with us or follow the link Registering a death