CEO Jacquie Richardson reacts to Gareth Thomas’ HIV revelation

Reacting to the news that Gareth Thomas, Ex Wales Rugby Captain has revealed he has HIV, Jacquie Richardson, Chief Executive of Positive Life, Northern Ireland’s only dedicated charity supporting those with HIV said today:

“This is an incredibly brave thing for Gareth Thomas to do and will help to break the stigma around HIV which is now considered a lifelong condition.”

“The fear that he would have faced before revealing his status would have been immense and it is commendable that he has done this in such a public way. It should be an example to anyone who feels that they might be at risk, or too afraid to face the issue, that help is available.”

“The stigma around HIV, particularly in Northern Ireland, is crippling and needs to be continually addressed. We should not live in ignorance and realise that HIV can be managed.”