HIV Ageing Awareness Day

Today is National HIV Ageing Awareness Day – a day to celebrate and reflect on the rising number of people who are living long and full lives with HIV. One of the many myths surrounding HIV is that it is a life sentence which will at best completely alter how you live your life and at worst, will kill you. Positive Life want to challenge and correct that belief.

Due to advancements in HIV treatment Many people who use our services are living fulfilled and happy lives. For some however, a HIV + diagnosis presents a range of challenges as someone negotiates their own understanding of what this will mean for them. Positive Peer mentoring and the range of psychosocial interventions and complementary therapies provided by Positive Life facilitate a holistic approach for anyone who needs it, whether at the point of diagnosis, or when they’ve being living with HIV for 30 years.

As you age – HIV + or not – you can expect to have some health issues. However, research tells us that HIV accelerates the process and increases the effects. Some of the issues that disproportionately affect people living with HIV are some cancers, kidney problems and osteoporosis. We know that some of these conditions are related to the early drugs used in the treatment of HIV.

In N.I. we know that around 35% of all those living with HIV are aged 50 and over and our message today to those folk would be to plan ahead – share your diagnosis with your health care professionals so that can make informed decisions about how to best support you. Adopt healthy habits and look after your mental health. Maintain your social networks. And if you need any information or support contact us at Positive Life – we’re here to help – hopefully for another 30 years!