Sexual Health Awareness Week 2016

It’s been a really busy week at Positive Life that has had us engaged in a number of events and activities to mark Sexual Health Awareness Week 2016.

Ruairi speakingThis is an annual event, that always provides us with a great opportunity to highlight issues around a key theme. This year the theme of ‘Informed Choices’ worked really well to give us a chance to talk about the lifting of the ban on the sale of self-testing kits and on Tuesday Positive Life gave a presentation in Parliament Buildings on HIV self-testing kits.

The coverage was also picked up by BioSure who make the kits and we’ve been able to start a conversation with them to address the concerns that we have – a good result!

Throughout the week we’ve also had a lot of great media coverage raising public awareness around HIV and the challenges of living with a diagnosis in Northern Ireland.

There are 809 people living with HIV in Northern Ireland and a further 200 people who are unaware of their HIV+ status and while there is a heightened focus on sexual health this week Positive Life works all year round offering support services for people living with or affected by HIV, so if there is anything we can help you with please let us know.