The Truth About…

Last night the BBC aired ‘The Truth About HIV’, a powerful, measured and insightful documentary by the engaging Dr Chris van Tulleken which touched on a range of issues relating to HIV and AIDS in the UK.

Highlighting the research and science behind the origins of HIV, we also heard about the deeply emotional personal stories of those living with HIV in various parts of the country. It was great to see people with HIV living such full lives and taking control of their diagnosis. The people who took part in the documentary must be commended for their bravery in telling their story. This would not have been an easy thing to do. I have no doubt this will have contributed to the change in perception in some people’s minds this morning. Stigma clearly exists. Documentaries like this shown on the BBC last night are great examples of how we start to bring these issues more out into the light.

At the end of the piece, Dr Van Tulleken stated that the remaining challenge is about harnessing social and political will to put scientific breakthroughs to best use. At Positive Life we are working hard to ensure this happens in Northern Ireland.

‘The Truth About HIV’ is now available on BBC iPlayer – watch it here